Health for All News

We are working in the community to bring health for everyone - expanding the Medi-Cal program to all regardless of immigration status. Over the past two weeks, we met with over 30 immigrant parents to introduce the campaign and brainstorm together ways to make our voices heard in the health care debate. We made plans to meet with legislators and how to effectively share immigrants’ stories with the pubilc.

KRC will participate in a joint rally with diverse imigrant communities - latinx, API and others - in Sacrament on May 20, to share immigrants’ stories and to demand health for all.

Senator Maria Elena Durazo, who represents Koreatown, is the original sponsor of the bill SB 29, which will expand the Medi-Cal program to everyone regardless of status. Please call Senator Durazo to thank her for her leadership and ask that she continues to stand strong during the budget process! The Senator’s office number is 213-483-9300