Showdown between immigrant advocates and the United States government on Public Charge (KPCC)

A federal courtroom up in oakland this morning is the setting for a showdown between immigrant advocates and attorneys for United States government the story now from K pieces seized don't focus on lopez at issue was a proposal by the Trump administration to make it harder for immigrants to settle in this country if they have or are likely to use food housing or other publicly funded benefits it's called public charge rule today 3 separate lawsuits seeking to block it before it goes into effect in two weeks that lays Korean resource center is a plaintiff in one of the suits Jenny son the group's immigrant rights director said she's gotten many calls from worried people she has one U.S. citizen distant rolled for Medi-Cal feeling my key person from getting his green card the rule would affect him you know it really is another character in group D you so you don't get off for government benefits fear acts media memorable the Trump administration so the public charge rule is part of a longstanding request that immigrants to the U.S. not take a toll on public resources to change the administration said is within its powers to regulate existing laws approval of the preliminary injunction would postpone the public charge rule and dealing a setback to Trump denied the request with Green Michael changes for October 15 another for was no basis