Seniors Group Monthly Meeting (May 2019)

KRC’s seniors group is a group of Korean American seniors active on health, housing, and other immigration-related issues that directly impact them, their peers, and their community. The group meets monthly and will be meeting on May 31, 10am at KRC´s office at 900 Crenshaw Blvd. The following meeting will be on June 28.

This upcoming meeting, we will learn about the opportunity to invest in education by passing Measure EE at the June 4 elections. Members will learn about volunteer opportunities learn how to mobilize people around to vote and why it is critical to increase funding for our public schools. We will also learn of ways to eradicate corruption in the affordable housing application process.

The meeting agenda consists of: sharing traditional children's songs; the June 4th Elections and our opportunity to improve education through Measure EE; how to mobilize supporters for the ballot measure; KRC updates; and provide community announcements. (Feel free to promote other nonprofit group events or local cultural events).

Previous Seniors Meeting

At the last Seniors Meeting in April, members talked about what would be a society where people are happy, and drew those ideas on paper. Members shared that a lot of it is in the heart, that people need to have free time to spend with their families, be able to eat, and be able to share with others. What do you think - what does a society look like where people are happy?

Next we learned about how to bring about change, by reviewing how KRC worked with members to address the housing crisis since the 2000’s. KRC worked with residents and the city to build a low-income senior apartment in its office space in 2005. KRC also was providing assistance in finding low-income apartments, and helping community members fill out the applications and waiting applications.

With the participation of seniors, we also passed Proposition 30, which taxes the rich to fund education, to address fundamental causes of government income shortages. In 2017, we succeeded in getting the city of Los Angeles to create a dedicated revenue source for affordable housing (linkage fees), a first in the history of the city. 

In 2016, we completed the Durae apartment project, providing affordable housing to 67 senior families. We also supported the building of a homeless supportive housing space in Koreatown in 2018, and construction is underway.

All of this was possible as a result of community organizing led by our members. We are undergoing a housing crisis with skyrocketing rent prices, and every year thousands of people are unable to afford rent and become homeless. What should we do at the seniors meeting to ensure people are not suffering due to housing costs? Join us in the conversation at the seniors' monthly meeting.