KRC Seniors Meeting (July 2019)

KRC organizes a group of 60 Korean American seniors (previously known as Community Health Promoters) who meet monthly to learn about health, community issues, and to take action and bring change to the community. On July 28 at 10am, we will meet at KRC's Crenshaw Office Community Room to evaluate our June LAUSD elections Measure EE work and the apartment manager corruption report outreach efforts. The meeting is conducted in Korean language. Inquiries: 323.937.3718 ext. 0 (Youngran Kim) youngran [at]

Meeting Agenda

- Singing children's songs together
- Evaluating the June 4th LAUSD Measure EE campaign and an overview of what's next in the fight for equity, including the 2020 elections
- Evaluating the outreach efforts about low-income apartment manager corruption
- What's next in the affordable housing work
- Other past KRC activities
- Community Announcements

Past Meeting

During the June meeting, we discussed the situation of brokers and apartment managers who exploit the housing crisis by asking for bribes in exchange for a spot in affordable apartment waiting lines, or scam people by giving false promises. We can respond to these problems by filing a complaint to HUD.

Seniors received HUD complaint forms and learned how to fill them out. (The forms can be filled in Korean). KRC's immigration attorney Jenny Seon reviewed the main points and seniors did a practice run of filling the form. The form can be obtained at KRC's website, through our members, or at KRC's Crenshaw office. 

We also discussed what we should be doing to get the word out and ensure people know about the complaint option. Some of the ideas shared included posting the promotional flyer in supermarkets and apartments, and sharing the information with friends. Members also suggested having a rally in front of problematic managers' offices as well.

How can we create a city where people can live without worrying about rent prices? We will continue to explore ways to address this issue through future meetings.