Know your rights! Potential ICE mass enforcement happening this weekend

Alert To Our Community: Know Your Rights!
In light of recent threats of ICE mass enforcement actions from Trump, we encourage all undocumented immigrants to know their rights and plan.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, Trump threatened to arrest and deport “millions” of undocumented immigrants in a speech delivered at his re-election kick off campaign in Florida. That same day, Trump took his threats to Twitter, allowing his xenophobia to be spread widely, causing anxiety and fear for undocumented immigrants. Whether these threats are empty or not, NAKASEC & affiliates - Korean Resource Center (KRC) of Southern California, HANA Center of greater Chicago, and NAKASEC VA, would like to assure our undocumented community members that we are with you and we encourage people to know their rights. It has been reported that ICE will carry out mass enforcement actions in major metropolitan cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and DC this weekend, and will be targeting individuals who did not show up to a hearing or were ordered removed but are still present in the U.S. ("Individuals who missed a hearing and ordered removed in absentia and who did not respond to a follow-up letter")

During these times of uncertainty and fear stoked by the Administration, we encourage all community members to know their rights! It takes ten times the resources for ICE to detain someone who knows their rights than someone who does not. This means, if our community members exercise our rights, ICE is less likely to proceed with detention process. Everyone, including undocumented immigrants, living in the U.S. has certain basic rights under the Constitution. If you find you have to deal with ICE or other law enforcement officers at home, on the street, or anywhere else, it is important that we all know and practice our basic rights:

  1. You have the right to remain silent. You may refuse to speak to immigration officers and may refuse to answer any questions.
  2. You have the right to have an attorney present before you speak. Do not sign anything ICE gives you without an attorney present.
  3. You are not obligated to answer questions about where you were born, which country you are from, or how you entered the US.
  4. You can ask immigration officers “am I being detained?” and if you are not, you have the right to leave.
  5. ICE cannot enter your home without a warrant signed by a judge with your correct name and address on it.  Do not open your door, unless you can see who it is and it is someone you know.

Learn more through: NAKASEC Know Your Rights compilation and Android smartphone app. Other resources: ILRC: Prepare Your Community to Assert Their Rights Against Possible ICE Arrests; California Rapid Response Networks.

Now more than ever, it is so important that we ensure that our loved ones are as safe as possible. NAKASEC & Affiliates are here to provide support, resources, and community for those impacted in this moment.

We also encourage community members living in mixed status households and/or are undocumented, to be ready for worst case scenarios. This is to make sure that people know their loved ones' information, which will be critically important should something happen. You can contact one of our Affiliates to create such a plan.

Anyone impacted is welcome to use our Korean and English language 24 Hour Immigration Hotline 1.844.500.3222 to get into contact with a NAKASEC & Affiliates team member, receive direct support, or report any ICE activity.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact NAKASEC or any of our affiliates for English or Korean assistance:

  • NAKASEC: 213.864.9270
  • Korean Resource Center (Southern California): 323.937.3718
  • HANA Center (greater Chicago): 773.553.5501
  • NAKASEC VA: (northern Virginia): 703.256.2208
  • Adoptees for Justice: 312.804.3417

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Media contact: Sam Yu | syu [at]