Volunteer with Us

To support and nurture the growth of community members and leaders, KRC offers a robust volunteer program for anyone interested in getting more involved. During the first two decades of its founding, KRC operated entirely on volunteers. All money raised was used for programmatic activities. Because there was a sense of urgency in the issues we faced at the time, many volunteers worked day jobs, then donated the money earned and volunteered at KRC during the night time. We have along history of volunteer leadership and happy to carry on the tradition.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone of all ages can volunteer! We have College students carrying out community outreach, High School students entering data, adults providing various services to community members, seniors phone banking, and everything in between.

How to get started

Fill out the volunteer application to your right. 

What do volunteers do?

Based on the experience and interest of volunteers, there are a variety of volunteer opportunities. All volunteer activities are trained and supervised by KRC.

Data Entry
Enter service records, petitions signed, and research data into KRC's databases

Community Outreach
Collect surveys and issue petitions at markets, churches and other community locations

Social Services
Help community members apply to become a citizen, DACA, Medicare Part D, and other social programs


Public Actions
Join marches and community events calling the American public to support humane immigration policies, a budget for all, and restoring the American Dream

Phone Banking & Precinct Walking
Call and visit Asian American voters encouraging them to vote to make our voices heard

Mass Mailing
We send mail to community members and voters periodically encouraging community and civic participation