2013 Fundraiser: 30 Years of Moving Our Community Forward

Korean Resource Center 30th Anniversary Dinner Fundraiser: 30 Years of Moving Our Community Forward

May 16, 2013 at the Cathedral Our Lady of Angels


Dear Friends,

For 30 years, KRC has been passionately working to empower Korean Americans, low income families, immigrants, and communities of color. We are guided by our four principles loosely translated as: Live Rightly, Know Our Roots, Live with Strength, and Live in Harmony. 

KRC was founded by political activists from the US and Korea to create a space for Korean Americans to come together; to debate and dialogue, to educate and analyze critically, and to mobilize and organize a largely disengaged community. The Gwangju People’s Uprising in 1980 was a seminal moment in Korea that spurred the grassroots organizing of young people in the U.S. KRC itself focused on providing international solidarity to the peace and democracy movement in Korea. By 1992, events in South Korea and the US determined the need for KRC to focus on the needs of the Korean American community in the US. 

As an immigrant community that has laid its roots on this land, we believe in the power of community organizing. By mobilizing our community, young and old, KRC and the Korean American community have won significant legislative victories benefitting all low income families and immigrants from the restoration of SSI and Food Stamps to low income immigrants and the passage of AB540 and the California Dream Act to the reauthorization and expansion of the State Child Health Insurance Program to include immigrant children and the provision of bilingual information to Medi-Cal recipients in Los Angeles County. 

KRC follows a holistic empowerment model that combines social service, education and culture with advocacy and organizing. Annually, KRC assists 11,000 individuals access public health care programs, naturalize, register to vote, file their income tax, protect their home from foreclosure, and apply for DACA. 

We are looking forward to the next 30 years. There are still challenges ahead --- realizing just and humane immigration reform, ensuring health access for all Californians, advocating for vital health and human services for immigrants, and expanding affordable housing development for seniors.  But we are emboldened as we look ahead because we know that the community stands with us. Thank you all for your support.

Zu Kim, Board Chair, Korean Resource Center


Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary of the Korean Resource Center.

Thank you for our attention and care to the “Habsoo Yoon Han Bong Memorial Committee.”

In Korea, we recognize the work of the Korean Resource Center; the principles upon which the organization was founded (Live Rightly, Know Our Roots, Live with Strength, and Life in Harmony); and it’s perseverance in the face of challenges great and small, to become the organization it is now.

We recognize the Korean Resource Center’s dedication to not only empower the Korean American community, but also other communities of color, immigrant and low income communities. This is the true embodiment of “Live in Harmony.”

The Korean Resource Center’s focus on immigrant organizing, civic engagement, and immigration reform is also needed in South Korea. Here, as the population of ethnic minorities increases, the importance of advancing the rights of minorities is an emerging issue. The Memorial Committee has recently taken small steps towards establishing a Migrant Worker Rights Center. We hope to learn from the Korean Resource Center’s experience and seek their solidarity in the work that lies ahead of us.

The Memorial Committee commends the Korean Resource Center for its activities in roots education, community empowerment, and solidarity with other immigrant communities. We wish you the greatest success in your ongoing campaigns.

Once again, congratulations on your 30th anniversary.

Habsoo Yoon HanBong Memorial Committee

Honorary Host Committee

  • Mike Honda, United States House of Represenatives
  • Xavier Becerra, United States House of Represenatives
  • Karen Bass, United States House of Represenatives
  • Judy Chu, United States House of Represenatives
  • John Chiang, California State Controller
  • John A. Pérez, Speaker of the California State Assembly
  • Mark Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
  • Herb J. Wesson, Jr., Los Angeles City Council President

Host Committee

  • Angela Oh, Attorney
  • Angélica Salas, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
  • Bill Wong, Assemblymember Anthony Rendon
  • Cathy Cha, Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
  • Connie Chung Joe, Korean American Family Service Center
  • Courtni Sunjoo Pugh, Service Employees International Union Local 99
  • Dean Matsubayashi, Little Tokyo Service Center, CDC
  • Hyungsoon Kim, Korean American Bar Association of Southern California
  • Inbo Sim
  • Joann Lee
  • Kyong Chi Kim, Korean Alliance for Peace and Justice of Philadelphia
  • Maria Elena Durazo, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
  • Myung-Soo Seok, Sage Strategies, LLC
  • Lisa Hasegawa, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development
  • Silvia Argueta, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Stephen Kurumada, DDS
  • Wan-Mo Kang, National Korean American Service & Education Consortium
  • Young H. Park, Fox Rothschild, LLP


Champion $7,500
Young Koreans United & Korean Alliance for Peace and Justice 

Pace Setter $5,000
Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Leader $2,000-$3,000
California Korean American Pharmacists Association
Hyewon Jung & Hyun Woo Shin
Kebok Foundation
Poetry Corporation
Service Employees International Union Local 99
Service Employees International Union Local 721
Service Employees International Union
United Service Workers West
Stephen Kurumada & Julie Kil Joo Lee Kurumada
Wan-Mo Kang


with emcees Green Son and Cliff Sukjae Lee

Video: Voices of the Community
Opening Performance - Ba Ram So Ri (Sounds of Hope)
Opening Remarks - Zu Kim, KRC Board Chair; Joann Lee, Host Committee
Congratulatory Remarks - John A. Pérez, Speaker, California State Assembly
Reflecting on 30 Years of Moving Forward -  Dae Joong Yoon, NAKASEC Executive Director; Hee Joo Yoon, KRC Executive Director
Vision and Hope: Hee Pok Kim; Jenny Seon; Kevin Hyun Kyu Lee
Cultural Performance: Younmee Shin
Photo Opportunity



Younmee Shin is a popular singer, songwriter, and recording artist originally from South Korea.  She started performing at the age of 5 as a member of the National Children’s Choir. While in college, she majored in classical music composition and won the Golden Award at a national singing competition for college students. She went on to become a well known recording artist with 8 solo albums, one of which sold over a million copies. She has participated in over 300 recording sessions with popular recording artists including the song “Cocktail Love” with Maronier. Younmee was also a music director on numerous television shows for MBC, a major television network in Korea.

Younmee came to New York in 1995 to further her study in music. She has collaborated on various musical productions, recordings, and concerts. She has hosted several popular television shows with New York’s Korean Broadcasting Network TV and directed over 90 radio and television commercials. 

In 1997, she released the album “To Live on this Land,” a collection of songs that explored the immigration experience. She is particularly interested in contributing her time to assist children, low income seniors and immigrant communities by performing in benefit concerts.  

Younmee is based in Sedona, Arizona with her husband and working on her next album.

The HanNuRi Cultural Troupe was founded on December 1992 with the goal of preserving and promoting Korean folk culture to the residents of greater Los Angeles. HanNuRi performs traditional folk arts ranging from Poongmul (folk drumming, dancing, and singing) and Samulnori (percussion ensemble) to Talchum (mask dance), Madang kuk (outdoor theater). HanNuRi events include the annual New Year celebration at Griffith Park, JiShin BalpGi (Lunar New Year Street Festival), and cross-cultural exchanges with other ethnic cultural arts organizations.

Ba Ram So Ri (“Sounds of Hope”) is composed of young performers, ranging from 7 to 15 years of age, who gather weekly to learn the Korean folk art of poongmul. As an integral part of the Korean Resource Center, the children have been training under the instruction of HanNuRi members. The troupe has performed at citywide intercultural festivals, the Lunar New Year’s festival, and KRC’s annual fundraisers. In 2010, Ba Ram So Ri kicked off the May Day March with a performance in front of over 250,000 marchers, and in 2011, they marched in support of workers’ rights in Wisconsin.

Founded in 2002, Jang Koo Hak Dang started as a class for adults who possessed a passion for traditional folk rhythms and social justice. Due to their skill and dedication to folk art, they have been invited regularly to perform at the annual Los Angeles Koreatown Festival Parade, community celebrations, and many other events. We are proud to provide a space for Korean American adults who have dedicated years to promoting cultural traditions within Korean American, immigrant, and wider communities.


Congratulatory Letters

Michael M. Honda
17th District, California

It is an honor to extend my wannest greetings to the attendees of the Korean Resource Center’s (KRC) 30th Anniversary Dinner. I am grateful for the opportunity to extend my support for this momentous event. 

As Chair Emeritus ofthe Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, I applaud the fortitude and spirit ofKRC. Your commitment to empower Korean Americans through service, education and civic engagement is truly commendable. You are the boots on the ground, fighting to ensure that every person, especially the most vulnerable populations, have a chance in bettering their lives. I wholeheartedly join in celebrating KRC’s many successes, including the restoration of SSI and Food Stamps for low income immigrants and the passage of AB540 and the California DREAM Act. Know that your efforts and foresight are uplifting the next generation of Korean American leaders and families.

The theme of tonight’s dinner, To Live on This Land: 30 Years of Moving Our Community Forward, is particularly timely, as the Asian American and Pacific Islander community especially Korean Americans - continues to grow exponentially. One hundred and ten years ago, on January 13, 102 men, women and children traveled from the Korean Peninsula, and landed in Hawaii - marking the first entry of Korean immigrants on U.S. shores. Since their arrival, the Korean American community has enriched our nation’s society, culture, economy and arts. I feel a particular sense of family and affection to Korean Americans and to Korea, where I have traveled numerous times. As the Representative of Silicon Valley, I also know the invaluable impact Korean Americans have made to the fabric of California’s 17th district, and our nation.

Once again, congratulations to the Korean Resource Center for all your accomplishments. I look forward to working with you, as we tackle together the critical issues of our nation. I wish you all the best as you celebrate this historic anniversary. Here’s to your next 30 years!

Warm regards,
Michael M. Honda
Member of Congress

Karen Bass
37th District, California

Dear Friends:
It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest congratulations to the Korean Resource Center (KRC) on the occasion of its 30th Anniversary Dinner.

Since 1983, the Korean Resource Center has functioned as a space for Korean Americans to congregate to educate, support, and debate about important issues in their community. KRC has effectively mounted successful campaigns that have resulted in victories such as the restoration of SSI and Food Stamps for low income immigrants, the passage of AB540 and the California DREAM Act. I know KRC will continue to provide exceptional resources to their community for many years to come.

Best wishes on a memorable event!

Karen Bass
Member of Congress
37th Congressional District of California

California Legislature

Speaker of the Assembly
Dear Friends,
Greetings to all those attending Korean Resource Center’s 30th Anniversary Dinner, “30 Years of Moving Our Community Forward.” I would like to thank everyone at KRC for providing needed social and community services to Korean Americans and for facilitating grassroots organizing and civic participation of Korean Americans in our community.
Over the past three decades, KRC has provided a much needed space for Korean Americans to come together, and has grown through the years as an integral part of the Korean American community. By providing a range of culturally competent services and programs, KRC has provided services to thousands of low income community members and most importantly has empowered our community.
Once again, I would like to congratulate the Korean Resource Center on their 30th Anniversary and commend them for their continued dedication to mobilizing and empowering the Korean American community and fostering social justice agenda of the next generation of Korean Americans. On behalf of the State of California and the 53rd Assembly District, please accept my best wishes for continued success.

Speaker of the Assembly

Mark Ridley-Thomas 
Supervisor, Second District
County of Los Angeles

Congratulations to the Korean Resource Center (KRC) on the special occasion of their 30th Anniversary Dinner, celebrated under the theme “30 Years of Moving Our Community Forward.”
For the past 30 years, KRC has sought to improve the Korean-American community through grassroots efforts and civic engagement. Their programs and initiatives provide Korean Americans with a space to debate, dialogue, come together, and educate and support each other on the issues of the day. They serve over 11,000 low income with programs such as the health access project, naturalization clinic, and summer youth empowerment program, among others.

On behalf of the more than 10 million people who reside in the County of Los Angeles and the members of Board of Supervisors, I extend best wishes for continued success and a most memorable event.

With hope,
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Chairman of the Board
Supervisor, Second District


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