Let’s Vote for the Education of Students in LA!

Please remember to vote on June 4, 2019, and support Measure EE!
For decades, we have lost funding for schools and education in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Through Measure EE, we can secure over $500 million a year towards the education of young people:

  • Reduce class sizes - there are 46 students in each classroom in too many schools
  • Provide quality science, technology, English and math programs
  • Expand arts and music programs
  • Enhance vocational and career training programs
  • Provide preschool programs
  • Add counselors, school nurses and support staff - there is only one counselor for every 700 students across LAUSD and 80% of schools have no full-time nurse

Measure EE is a tax of 16 cents per square feet of building, which averages $200 for family homes or small businesses, but can be as much as $230,000 for downtown’s skyscrapers, making it a fair sharing of responsibilities. Seniors above the age of 65 and low-income persons with disabilities are exempt.

Measure EE funds are subject to independent oversight, annual audits and reports detailing the use of funds.

Supported by: KRC, Mayor, City Council, LAUSD, UTLA, LA AFL-CIO. Learn more online at YesOnEE.org. Join us through phone banking and canvassing! Contact: yongho [at] krcla.org, 323-937-3718.

Supporters: KRC, Mayor Garcetti, LA City Council LAUSD, UTLA, LA AFL-CIO

More information: Campaign WebsiteUTLALAUSD